6 Reasons Why Gaming Is Getting More Popular Than Music and Film

Why is gaming more popular than music and film? Well, there is definitely more than one reason! First of all, gaming is freely available on a vast number of gadgets. You can take your games anywhere and play anytime. Gaming is no longer for those people sitting at home in front of their desktop computers playing combat games in the middle of the night.


Now kids can take their games to school and play on the bus, or you might catch your work colleagues playing on their phone during their lunch breaks. You might even see your boss playing when he is meant to be working. Gaming is so readily available these days that it has almost become a compulsion. The graphics and the competitive nature behind some of the games out there, make it an addiction to some people.


Gaming also has the advantage of being an all ages’ past time. Anyone and everyone can access games of their choosing these days. Whether you are into battle and combat games, adventure and everyone out there! There is also gaming levels to suit everyone from beginner right through to advanced.


Another bonus of these particular games? Many of them are free. Game makers tend to make their money from the advertisements or game add-ons, which means the players can play for free. So in a time when money is scarce, and people are trying to conserve, what better way to save money then play games for free!


Gaming allows it’s users to connect with anyone from all around the world at any time. Gaming has gone from a solo act to a hugely social situation. Gamers can now connect and make friends with people who have common interests from all over the world. Everyone likes a little competition, and with a gaming platform you can challenge your friends and settle scores both on and off the field, so to speak.


Modern games also now come with an increasing level of stimulation. A number of the games out there, require their players to develop strategy and find tactical ways to conquer their opponents. Players are learning valuable life skills in planning and preparation through games they would never expect. These games have important life lessons and appropriate skill sets.


Another reason why gaming is more popular than music and film is the simple reason that in a game you can choose to be someone new. Who wouldn’t want to be a mighty warrior, who can fly helicopters and lead an army of 100,000 men, or someone who can drive a brand new GTR skyline through the streets of New York under a hail of police fire? Gaming often adds a level of excitement and danger to the world where the gamer might be experiencing very little. It gives them a rush and a genuine sense of exhilaration.

In the world full of the pressures and stress of everyday life. Sometimes it is nice to escape to a realm where you are in complete control. Where change happens at the click of a button. Where you can make things for yourself. Where you can build or destroy, Slay or conquer, live or die. In the gaming world you can be who you chose, do what you chose and the consequences finish when you click the red cross in the corner of your screen.

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