Choosing The Best Noise-canceling Bluetooth Headphones: Sony vs. Bose

Listening to bluetooth headphones
It is quite difficult to write a comparative article on the sound quality of two devices as after a particular price range all sound producing devices look good. Here we are talking about the Bluetooth headphones of two famous brands with the noise-canceling feature. After testing the Sony-MDR 1000x, it made me change my opinion about BT headphones. Sony is believed to make best headphones in the world if we consider shape and comfort. This Sony headphone was given 8.4 stars from a reputed gadget reviewer website but its competitor Bose quiet comfort 35, an 8.8. And this made us review it by ourselves.

The best noise-canceling wireless headphones on the market:

Sony MDR 1000x Noise Cancelling & Bluetooth Headphone

BoseThe battery charging time is around four hours while it plays music for up to 20 hours. This headphone has touch-sensitive control which enables you to pause, next track/previous track and change volume so quickly. You can also disable the noise canceling by just one tap. But the material it uses is mostly plastic to reduce the weight. MDR gives you the same sound quality as in the wired mode. You can also use it in wired mode if the battery is completely drained. After testing it for few days in subways, it was clear that the MDR 100x is capable of canceling extreme noises to a tolerable level.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

SonyNow we compared this one with MDR in different places like parks and subways to understand the noise frequency band which it can reduce. After switching both the headphones frequently, it was clear that MDR was capable of canceling the broader range of sound frequencies than Bose QC 35. But both did an excellent job to cancel the noise and produce quality sound.

Now after comparing their noise-canceling abilities, we moved on to compare their sound quality by hearing many different music genres. After listening to the same on both, we felt that the Bose QC35 produced less dynamic sound and the sound was lesser alive than the sound produced by MDR.

Final verdict:
In the end, after using both the headphones for a long time, we can conclude that both the headphones are highly comfortable and produce superb sound quality. If we dig deeper into the technical part, we find the Sony MDR seems much better.

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