How The Best Midi Keyboard Should Look Like


If you are a musician or just someone who has a fondness for music, a MIDI keyboard is one of the best companions to have. Especially if you are doing gigs or making music on-the-go, having one at easy access can help you create beats that all of your listeners will definitely love.

Because there are a lot of MIDI keyboards available for purchase on the market, it is easy to get one that does not have all the features you might need to create music. In this article we will show you what best features you should be looking for such a keyboard.

Connects well with your computer

The MIDI keyboard is a virtual instrument that comes with a USB cable. You can easily plug it in a laptop and start making tunes. However, while you do not need special drivers for it to work, you do need to test whether it will be compatible with your PC in the first place. Musicians usually use an Apple desktop or a Mac in their home studios, and these are usually very picky when it comes to external that you are trying to plug in.

The best part is there are MIDI keyboards that charge while they are plugged in via the USB, so there will be times when you do not need to use an external power supply to use it.

Keyboard count

The keyboard count ranges from 25 up until 88. If you are just doing music gigs and touring a city, maybe a 61-key MIDI keyboard is already too big to lug around. This will really depend on what you require as a musician when you are on-the-go. However, if you are going to use this at your home studio, you can go as big as the 88-key MIDI.

Note that that 49-key, 61-key, and 88-key MIDI keyboards come with full-size keys. This might be something you want to consider if you want to produce more expressive music.

Added playing features

You can use the keyboard as your on-the-go piano, but some come with additional playing features that you might want to be on the lookout for.

The Aftertouch is a playing feature that gives more texture and expressiveness to your music. Once you hold down and sustain a key, the MIDI data will play a vibrato note. Of course, you can always use the pitch wheel by your left hand, but an Aftertouch feature makes it convenient for you to control volume and rock those vibrato notes just by adding pressure on a key.

Factors to consider when choosing a MIDI keyboard

The features listed above can be commonly found on MIDI keyboards, but you might be looking for other features to fit your playing needs.

For instance, if you are focused on synths, you might need to get an XY controller pad and faders. And if you really want to use it as a piano, you probably need to get a sustain and dampen pedal input. This will bring the complete piano experience into your virtual studio.

6 Reasons Why Gaming Is Getting More Popular Than Music and Film

Why is gaming more popular than music and film? Well, there is definitely more than one reason! First of all, gaming is freely available on a vast number of gadgets. You can take your games anywhere and play anytime. Gaming is no longer for those people sitting at home in front of their desktop computers playing combat games in the middle of the night.


Now kids can take their games to school and play on the bus, or you might catch your work colleagues playing on their phone during their lunch breaks. You might even see your boss playing when he is meant to be working. Gaming is so readily available these days that it has almost become a compulsion. The graphics and the competitive nature behind some of the games out there, make it an addiction to some people.


Gaming also has the advantage of being an all ages’ past time. Anyone and everyone can access games of their choosing these days. Whether you are into battle and combat games, adventure and everyone out there! There is also gaming levels to suit everyone from beginner right through to advanced.


Another bonus of these particular games? Many of them are free. Game makers tend to make their money from the advertisements or game add-ons, which means the players can play for free. So in a time when money is scarce, and people are trying to conserve, what better way to save money then play games for free!


Gaming allows it’s users to connect with anyone from all around the world at any time. Gaming has gone from a solo act to a hugely social situation. Gamers can now connect and make friends with people who have common interests from all over the world. Everyone likes a little competition, and with a gaming platform you can challenge your friends and settle scores both on and off the field, so to speak.


Modern games also now come with an increasing level of stimulation. A number of the games out there, require their players to develop strategy and find tactical ways to conquer their opponents. Players are learning valuable life skills in planning and preparation through games they would never expect. These games have important life lessons and appropriate skill sets.


Another reason why gaming is more popular than music and film is the simple reason that in a game you can choose to be someone new. Who wouldn’t want to be a mighty warrior, who can fly helicopters and lead an army of 100,000 men, or someone who can drive a brand new GTR skyline through the streets of New York under a hail of police fire? Gaming often adds a level of excitement and danger to the world where the gamer might be experiencing very little. It gives them a rush and a genuine sense of exhilaration.

In the world full of the pressures and stress of everyday life. Sometimes it is nice to escape to a realm where you are in complete control. Where change happens at the click of a button. Where you can make things for yourself. Where you can build or destroy, Slay or conquer, live or die. In the gaming world you can be who you chose, do what you chose and the consequences finish when you click the red cross in the corner of your screen.

Adobe’s Automated Web Designing AI And It’s Consequences

Technology has transcended human thoughts and is creating new possibilities and building new opportunities. While this is accepted by most of us, It is also frowned upon by some.

Adobe, a tech giant and one of the pioneers in the field of creative software, multimedia, and graphic design is building a new AI-based software combined with machine learning and image recognition to automate designer’s basic tasks like editing photos and designing web pages.On the surface, this might seem exciting, But the consequences are not quite similar.

Understanding The Automation Of Web And Graphic Design:

The automation software, which is being built by Adobe (unnamed as of now) uses “sensei,” an AI and Machine Learning based software created by Adobe itself, And this is being integrated into the Adobe Experience Manager CMS, to automate web design and graphic design for large enterprise customers.The idea of “human-augmented” design where the user receives recommendations from AI, which can be manually overridden by the user, is pursued to build the software.This mix of AI, machine learning and image recognition is a pinnacle of automated graphic software and is pioneered by Adobe.

Role Of AI And Machine Learning:

The AI includes two major parts one being, the image recognition tool, used to crop the images automatically based on image sizes and resolutions best suited for the web pages and the other understands text metadata attached to the photos for design decisions.This output of AI is amplified by the introduction of machine learning.Similar to your youtube recommendations based on your searches and history. Machine learning in any field relates the data to your previous inputs and analyzes your priorities accordingly and gives you an apt recommendation. While machine learning is great at analyzing large data and priorities it is still a small kid at understanding quality or taste.

While machine learning and AI help a lot in doing time-consuming yet simple basic level jobs such as image cropping or adjusting font size accordingly.It should be kept in mind that graphic designers and web developers are still needed to do lots of personalization and other design related work.

Considering the use of AI, machine learning and image recognition, the project, on the whole, takes page layout, color, font size and style and different parameters as the input and recommends a appropriate web page to the user. While the personalization of the web page might be limited.But, it should be understood that the unnamed project is based for large enterprises which seek fast solutions to minor problems like fundamental image editing and basic web design.

How Does It Affect The Professional Web Or Graphic Designers:

The obvious implication made by the unnamed project is to replace the core level web designers, who only do fundamental tasks like image cropping and basic web design with AI. But someone who wants build a career in web design or graphic design will only do the beginner’s tasks for a short period before moving complex tasks. In the end, the professional designers are not much affected. So, As of now, it is not something to fret about, since, it lacks personalization factor and is only at a very basic stage of its production.But the future is unpredictable.Because of intensive research in fields of AI, machine learning and image processing organizations such as Adobe might be able to put forward products, which are only a pure science fiction as of now.