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Types of SSD and How to Choose the Best One for Music Production

Best SSD for music productionAs advances in technology keep getting more and more complicated, so does the ease of communication, scientific research, discoveries and a general upgrade of people lives come about. One of the main pillars upon which all this is supported is storage of music and information on long term or for a little while. SSD is an especially popular form of storage as it not only provides security for the data, but it comes with high integrity which assures you that there will be no data leaking from your drives or getting lost mysteriously.

However, before going on a quest to find the best SSD storage solution for your home or music production needs, be sure to have some important selection factors in mind to avoid getting low-quality products that will break down on you at any moment. Here are some useful pointers to finding the best SSDs and how you can note the difference between what is suitable for your needs and when you are going overboard.

How to choose the best SSD for music production:

1. Storage Capacity

SSD DriveThe storage capacity of your drives will determine the kind of information which can be packed therein. If for instance, you intend to work on a multimedia project, the files will no doubt be bulky so you should always choose a drive capacity that is higher than that of the records you intend to store on it. SSDs usually have capabilities in the terabytes so you can rest assured that all the data and information you work with are incrementally stored and can be accessed directly from any other device. As these drives tend to come in a small form factor, the storage capacity is often within the range of terabytes so you can be assured of massive storage capacity without limitations or restrictions of the kind of files you could save on the SSD.

2. SSD Encryption

This is a critical aspect to making your selection of an SSD drive to power through any project you might be having in mind. If files are not encrypted, then they are prone to destruction or even theft, and as such, the files should always be in an encrypted format when being stored. Different SSDs come with the various formats for encryption, and in other cases, you might even set your security key which will from that moment onwards be used in the sealing of files which then enables only authorized users to access the information. If your SSD is encrypted, it will tend to stand up to even the meanest of attacks such as those carried out over a network connection so even when you leave it plugged into a connected machine on a network, the files and folders will still be in a safe condition.

3. Locks

Like dongles, drives also have a manual lock which prevents writes made to the archive without consent or authorization. However, most locks are usually in a digital form, and an encrypted hash has to be matched up with a key hence ensuring that all the information is safe from unauthorized access. Moving the drive itself should be after all the locks, and access codes have been entered or overridden to avoid getting hacked from outside.

4. Durability of SSD

Computers to produce musicLast but not least on our list of selection criteria to choosing an SSD drive is how long it will continue to serve your needs. Is it robust enough to stand up to the effects and ravages of time on data? Does it come with other features that protect it in the case of a fall or other accident? A durable SSD will survive a fall and still contain all the data intact.

In conclusion, SSD drives have become increasingly popular owing to their ability to hold more data for longer without losing even a single bit. With such a drive, you can store all your files, projects and other information securely and with assured integrity. Each of the five tips that have been listed above will surely be a good starting point in your selection of a storage drive to securely keep your important files. The selection process is also reliant on other factors like the kind of project you are doing or the brand you have established the trust to continuously supply you with the latest technology.