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How to Buy a Home Cinema System

Home Cinema Theater SystemHome cinema systems bring movies to life in ways that are hard to come by any other means and if you are going to buy one for yourself, it’s only wise that you know how to go about it. So here is a simple buyer’s guide to a home cinema.

All in One Theater System

The first thing that you want to think about is the surround system which with its immersive audio qualities and refined psychoacoustics (the way you perceive sound) will take your movie experience to a whole new level. So what are your options here? An all in one system is one way to go as it has all the different packages needed for your home theater. This includes speakers and cables with an option for DVD/Blu Ray Player. You can trust an all in one system to convince you of being in the middle of the action.

2.1 And 3.1 Systems

If for some reason you are not interested with the all in one option, there are definitely other ways to go about it like the 2.1 and 3.1 systems that come with two or three speakers which can be placed strategically around the house for maximum effect.

5.1 And 7.1 Systems

Alternatives to this include 5.1 and 7.1 systems that fall just short of a full home theater and come with up to seven speakers, subwoofers with the option of a DVD/Blu Ray Player. Sound track reproduction works best with this system as each of the 5.1 channels can have a dedicated loudspeaker. The 7.1 pushes the boundary for cinematic experience further by delivering the audio experience with seven speakers and a subwoofer making substantial improvements to sound quality. They also come with wireless capability (meaning that your room doesn’t get untidy from too many cables) and the ability to route radio or video to separate rooms.


Soundbars stand out too as relates to a good cinematic experience. If you don’t want too many speakers everywhere in your room, you might consider this not to mention there is always the option of adding a subwoofer and 3D Sound Plus for greater audio ambiance.

Of course, it goes without saying that you will need HDTV to experience the real thing. Home Cinema Systems are built with them in mind, and the more recent your TV technology, the better service your home cinema choice is going to give you. Older systems work well with older technologies, and it’s always advisable that you look out for compatibility issues before you make your decision.