Ultimate Guide to Microphone Stands for Studio Setup

Jamming in the studio
A microphone stand is a device with an arm like metal rod which is attached to a standing pole. The arm holds the microphone in a horizontal position aligned to the upright standing pole. The microphone stand is used to place the microphone in a much more convenient way. To hold the mic either in a head-over position or around the mic which would hold firmly with a standard upright pole like a bass system, a guitar, a drum kit, a piano or any other kind of musical instrument.

Fundamentals of setting up microphone stands in the studio:


Microphone stand baseThere are two types of ground bases for the microphone stands, solid and tripod. The solid type of ground base for the microphone is flat and round or square, with a firm stand rising from the middle of the field base. The tripod ground base for a microphone stand gets its name as it rests on a ground base three-pronged similar to that of a camera tripod. The basic kind of round base is substantial and cumbersome so that to maintain a low center of gravity but it is not that much extensive.


Tripod Stands

These types of stands are used to place on the bases that are three-pronged. They are easy for storing, and they are meant to be versatile in order to allow for an additional boom.

Tripod Boom Stands

These stands are designed to work as a basic tripod, but it has an arm built on the top. This structure allows for a wider reach than a regular standard tripod stand.

Round Base Stands

Studio MicrophoneA round base stand is an aesthetic hallmark of a microphone stand. These can be useful for professional singers as they occupy lesser floor space and they are harder to trip over because musicians plan to become active.

Low-Profile Stands

The stands are kept low on ground-based microphone stands. They are geared to grasp sounds from many low-setting instruments like a guitar amplifier or a kick drum.

Desktop Stands

The stands are as that of a low-profile position, but they are not designed for musicians. The primary aim is to make comfortable for podcasting and bedroom recording while remaining seated.

Overhead Stand

The microphone stands are helpful when one needs to hold the microphone stand in an extreme height or angle with a drum overhead. This model is the biggest and costliest of all stands, primarily as they are also known as large tripod microphone stands.

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